Isabelle is a creative Retail Consultant specialized in upgrading Point of Sales with class and style.

The passion of her life has always been trying to make the world around her more beautiful. Isabelle started consulting in retail when her own jewelry clients asked her advice on how to improve and upgrade their own shops.

Her long experience in retail and in particular concept stores (Tintin Shops, Senses Art Nouveau, Isabelle Leloup Jewelry : her own flagship store) and her good knowledge of fashion and commercial high-end labels completed by her sense of refinement, have convinced many shops to follow her style : clean lines, neutral tones creating atmospheres and putting in light products as any of them was precious and unique.

Her style is elegant and sophisticated, adopting the codes of luxury to adapt them into any concept, valorising any product as it was unique in the style of « less is more »

Experienced in retail Brands for fashion, jewelry, accessories, beauty and other high-end products, she worked for classy brands, such as L’Oréal (beauty), Natan (fashion haute couture), Isabelle Leloup Jewelry (her own brand), Senses Art Nouveau (High-end Concept Store), Tintin & Snowy Foundation (merchandising & shops)…

Multi-cultural and multi-lingual, Isabelle was born in Switzerland from a Vietnamese mother and Belgian father, educated in France, lived also in Brazil and Luxemburg, married to an Italian, and graduated from La Cambre and she is now based in Belgium.

This mix makes her work classy, creative and very commercial.

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